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Portfolio Lifestyle is actually a dream with ultimate goals to me! 


British management guru Charles Handy is one of my most admiring thinkers of the world. He has published many insightful interpretations about “individuals and organization”, “job, work, and career”, and “future trend of work itself” and etc. In particular, I am intensively inspired by the notion of “portfolio life”.

A work portfolio is a way of describing how the different bits of work in our life fit together to form a balanced whole (by Charles Handy, page 183, “The Age of Unreason”, 1989).

Definitions of work, in portfolio life, is not limited to a “wage or fee work”, but also with “homework”, “gift work”, and “study work”. In other words, it’s not only to “make a living only”, it also emphasizes the importance of “family and relationship”, “charity, church, and volunteer giving”, and “lifelong learning” for whatever personal or professional topics. It is a combination of essentials in life; the priority depends on needs in different life stages. It makes our life more abundant and complete.


My goal is to have my portfolio full of ingredients below:

  1. love and be loved
  2. care to people and surroundings
  3. income from numerous expertise/sources
  4. a happy family and a comfort home
  5. constantly be inspired by reading, music, movies, baking, and cooking

I also wish you a unique portfolio which echoes to your life aspirations.