Simple food brings simple joy! Banana Loaf is super simple! You probable already have all the ingredients needed in your home. It’s so easy to make one at anytime you want.

Recipe of this bread is egg-free, butter-free, less sugar used, olive oil added, it’s also a vegan choice. It can be served as a light dessert or a decent sandwich bread. I’m happy to share this recipe, content of this video is also basic steps of bread making. Please enjoy this sharing, and leave me comments if you stop by!

Banana Loaf|Bread Making Basics|Vegan|Egg-free, Butter-free, Less Sugar


item weight cups or spoons weight % to flour
bread flour 450 g 3 cups 100%
banana 150 g 1/2 cup 33%
water 125 g 1/2 cup 28%
olive oil 27 g 2 tbsp 6%
brown sugar 15 g 1 tbsp 3%
instant yeast 7 g 1/2 tbsp 1.6%
sea salt 5 g 1 tsp 1%
reference 1 cup = 250ml 1 tbsp = 15ml 1 tsp = 5ml


  • accurate weight of ingredients
  • activating instant yeast
  • mixing wet and dry ingredients
  • kneading the dough (8-20 mins)
  • first proofing (45-90 mins)
  • deflating and shaping
  • second proofing (45-90 mins)
  • baking (200*C/400*F, 30 mins)


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