HELLO~ WELCOME! My name is Nadia. I like to learn, curious about exploring new ideas, techniques, and people! Each learning, I try my best to get truly hands-on to embrace all, functional and spiritual. I’ve created numerous big little projects to gain knowledge, skills, and share to help.

To me, life is a portfolio of projects. Not just a metaphor, I actually found the best moments in my life are mostly created through projects, both professionally and personally. I’ve been enriched, enlightened, and luckily connected to people and the world. How lucky I am that you’re reading my intro. I’m very grateful.

So through this website, I want to document my big little projects, and dedicate to share, especially in below subjects:




Through this website and my YouTube channel, I am aiming to create a warm, practical, and inspiring environment to do more projects, making life more meaningful for me, and particularly, for and with others.

This journey brings me joy. It is shared and I hope it also brings you joy. Thank you for your visits.


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