I love cooking! Simply because I enjoy exploring “what goes with what” tastes good. Recipes are unlimited to explore. Both “learning classic dishes” and “creating new ones” make me truly happy.

Interestingly I wasn’t into cooking when I was a child, or a teenager, or even in my early adult age. Only in a short period of time I cooked, when I studied abroad in UK, it was to ease my homesickness while living abroad. What I cooked is quite basic; and after graduation, started working, surrounded by convenience and fair price of restaurants, diners, and take-outs, cooking by myself had not been a must.

However, cooking was a fun experience during that time abroad, in my deep memories.

Unnoticeably this love for cooking was once dived deep, until nearly 5 years ago, one day I just wanted to bake a simple banana bread, it was unexpectedly surfaced. And since then, I cook more and more, I feel happy when I cook and bake. In particular, I feel very humble in front of ingredients. Mother nature do nurture us. What I’ve learnt and felt fascinated about are below items:

Natural ingredients matter the most: I try my best to use the natural ingredients, avoid processed food as much as possible, when in food prep, food grocery shopping, and food dish creation. It’s extraordinary that even without skills, a dish will taste fairly good if natural and fresh ingredients used. On the contrary, no matter how sophisticated skills applied, a dish won’t taste good if ingredients were bad.

Recipes are glances of life: To me, cooking is both diversely cultural and deeply emotional. From the bottom of people’s hearts, there are dishes represent home, occasions, memories, love, and etc. I am always excited to find a cuisine, not from my cultural root, is universally yummy!

Food shared makes it more delicious: Cooking can be done by one person, however, just having one more person in a dining table to share the food together makes the whole experience more interactive, as a result, food taste better!

My cooking projects consist of below elements:

  1. recipe sharing
  2. learning cuisines from different cultures and countries
  3. as simple as possible, as healthy as possible
  4. inspiring, I hope

You are invited to have a look, to reflect, to comment, to interact, and thank you for joining my journey!


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