If you love mushrooms, you’ll definitely love this pasta dish! It’s vegetarian, it’s vegan, but the flavor is much more than tasty.

Basil, nuts, garlic, and olive oil, make the pasta so fresh and refreshing. With or without cream and cheese, it’s booth delicious!

This dish is so easy to prepare and cook, it can be served as quick lunch or quick dinner, enjoyed at any time in weekdays and weekends.


item weight amount
king oyster mushrooms 200 g 4 strains
pesto sauce 160 g 1/2 cup
handmade pasta 160 g serving for 2 people
garlic 6 g 1 clove
basil 4 g 1 stem
olive oil 27 g 2 tbsp
black pepper 1 g 1/4 tsp
sea salt 2.5 g 1/2 tsp
reference 1 cup=250ml 1 tbsp=15ml, 1 tsp=5ml


  1. slice and chop garlic
  2. slice king oyster mushrooms in long and thin pieces
  3. make and cook pasta, I have made a video sharing the pasta dough recipe and its making process. Or we just use any kind of pasta available from any supermarket.


  1. heat out mushrooms’ flavor
    • put mushrooms directly in a cold pan, turn the heat on, render out mushrooms’ moisture and let the wonderful flavor released.
    • just like barbecue, no oil, no water needed in this beginning stage. This tip is so worth to do, it does make the king oyster mushrooms smell so wonderful
      and taste so good.
  2. add olive oil and garlic
    • when mushrooms release moisture, and the total size is reduced by half, it’s time to add oil and garlic, at this stage, the garlic won’t burn, and the mushrooms won’t like a sponge absorbing all the oil and create a funny taste if we added oil in the very first beginning.
  3. add pesto sauce
    • with some salt and black pepper, the garlic stir-fried king oyster mushrooms is already a healthy and light dish.
    • adding some pasta water, the water has some flour, it will help to prepare and thicken the sauce base.
  4. add handmade pasta
    • let the sauce boiling for 20 seconds, turn down the heat, it’s time to add the handmade pasta. have it lightly stirred, let the pasta coated with pesto sauce.
  5. add sea salt and black pepper


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