Inviting you to have a look of my closet! With some tips of organization and decluttering, it’s a journey expression that I found a true happiness of owning less and feeling more.

This closet helps me get dressed quickly. Get my things sorted, displayed, and organized. And amazingly it gives me a whole new experience that, “I shopped in my own closet for a whole year!”

What do you think about your own closet? What do you think about your clothes? I’m wondering if you ever felt similar:

  1. I used to be a person that I kept things, didn’t get rid of things, couldn’t part with any cloth I owned.
  2. I used to enjoy the so-called retail therapy, went shopping all-year long.
  3. I thought I was happy and content, but actually not. The more I shopped, the more often I found nothing suitable to wear in a daily basis.

Four years ago I read a book “Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” by a Japanese author, Marie Kondo. Immediately I was drawn into it deeply. I read it thoroughly for 4 times, completely fallen into practice.

I challenged myself in decluttering, purging, and eventually knowing what I actually have, really enjoying every piece surrounded.

I can’t call myself a minimalist yet, however, now I own less, feel more!

  1. Especially, learn to buy locally
  2. Search for more ethical and environmental-friendly brands.
  3. Going through this journey changed my relationship with material, having more awareness on what really matters to me.

Do you enjoy your closet, I wish you enjoyed a perfect closet, defined by yourself.

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