Prototype of my travel packing, it’s seasonless, on top of it, we can add seasonal pieces or activity pieces accordingly. Make our travel packing more efficient and flexible, no-brainer but thoroughly.

Moreover, with some tips about after trip cleaning and travel outfit ideas. We’ll have most of things needed, all we have to do is to enjoy the trip.


Four major benefits of this seasonless packing, we’ll be:

  1. all set for both international and domestic travel,
  2. ready for either a get-away vocation or a business-casual work trip,
  3. items prepared are sufficient for 1 to 4 week
  4. depends on flight plan, all items can be put in either a check-in luggage or a carry-on luggage only, it’s quite flexible.


My seasonless packing design consists of 12 essential components, please refer to video below.

  1. luggage selection
  2. bag selection
  3. packing cube selection
  4. clothing & accessories (20 pieces and 2 bags)
  5. toiletry & makeup
  6. technology items
  7. miscellanuous items
  8. packing all
  9. into check-in luggage (24” down to 13” luggage)
  10. into carry-on luggage
  11. after trip cleaning (luggage cleaning and packing cube cleaning)
  12. travel outfit ideas (how I maximize my travel capsule wardrobe)


(A) clothing & accessories: 7 tops, 3 overtops, 3 bottoms, 3 pairs of trousers, 3 pairs of shoes, 1 cotton scarf, 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 belt (two-side usable), 1 baseball hat, 7 pairs of socks, 10 undies (including bras and panties), 4 t-shirt and 2 sweatpants (loungewear also served as gym wear).

(B) toiletry & make up: 42 toiletry items, divided into 6 categories; and 20 makeup items, with DIY organization ideas

(C) technology items: 14 items, including phone, camera, selfie stick, laptop, external hard drive, camera battery charger, camera battery, memory card, portable power charger, laptop charger, phone charger, earphones, dongle, I also have space for a mini hair straightener

(D) miscellaneous items: 9 items, including wallet, agenda and passport holder, house key, umbrella, shopping bag, sanitary mask, tissue paper, pen, and water bottle

(E) luggage: one 24″ luggage, one backpack, one crossbody/shoulder bag

luggage: samsonite populite spinner 24 inches expandable

  • material: Polyester
  • dimension: 67 x 43 x 29/31 cm
  • weight: 2.6 kg
  • volume: 70 /77 L

backpack: LeSportsac Essential Backpack

  • 17.5H x 11.5W x 6D in,
  • 44.45H x 29.21W x 15.24D cm
  • volume: nearly 20L
  • Style #8266.5982

packing cubes (made by nylon and polyester)

  • muji garment case double s (20x26x10cm)
  • muji garment case double m (26x40x10cm)
  • muji double fastener case s (10×13.5cm)
  • muji double fastener case m (13.5x19cm)
  • lesportsac pouch (24x19cm)
  • lesportsac pouch (18.5×14.5cm)


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